The Vocabulary at a Sushi Bar

This page provides English translations to some Japanese words and phrases that you are likely to hear - or possibly use yourself - in a sushi bar. Hopefully learning a few of these words and phrases will help you feel more comfortable ordering sushi when you visit us.

Useful Phrases
Domo Thank you
Domo arigato Thank you very much
Dozo Please
Gaijin Outsiders, foreigners
Gochiso-sama [deshita] Traditional phrase closing a meal
Hai Yes
Hashi Chopsticks
Itadakimasu Traditional phrase opening a meal
Itamae The sushi (or other Japanese) chef
Konichiwa A greeting, roughly translated as "how are you?"
Omakase Chef's choice
Okonomi The practice of ordering sushi a few pieces at a time
Sabinuki "No wasabi, please."
Sashimi Sliced or prepared raw fish
Sushi Anything made with vinegared rice